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authorJames Buren <>2021-07-03 00:19:58 +0000
committerJames Buren <>2021-07-03 00:19:58 +0000
commitc9f2308a1d4401ceefaac47b1ea851530d07e47d (patch)
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parentd1a92aafff55defefcb8cf8f4b045701325088b2 (diff)
fat: move fattime_mktime to timefuncs
This moves the time conversion function to timefuncs since it has uses on ports that don't use the FAT driver. This function has no dependency on the FAT driver as it is so this should not cause any issues. To reflect this separation the function was renamed to dostime_mktime since it is really for DOS timestamps. The places where it was used have also been updated. Change-Id: Id98b1448d5c6fcda286846e1d2c736db682bfb52
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diff --git a/firmware/export/fat.h b/firmware/export/fat.h
index b8092290e6..27c2a161f6 100644
--- a/firmware/export/fat.h
+++ b/firmware/export/fat.h
@@ -174,7 +174,6 @@ void fat_recalc_free(IF_MV_NONVOID(int volume));
bool fat_size(IF_MV(int volume,) unsigned long *size, unsigned long *free);
/** Misc. **/
-time_t fattime_mktime(uint16_t fatdate, uint16_t fattime);
void fat_empty_fat_direntry(struct fat_direntry *entry);
void fat_init(void);