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authorThom Johansen <>2005-06-12 14:03:31 +0000
committerThom Johansen <>2005-06-12 14:03:31 +0000
commit57f0ec1474bf5c0f0d5f361bd9909381ead9b915 (patch)
tree3b4ffb949a1fa8dffa9fa78f47b44fc531b7e811 /firmware/export/mp3data.h
parentca19564eec76831b2888c62d619b8837586d8a8a (diff)
Added support for reading LAME header delay and padding fields for proper gapless MP3 support.
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diff --git a/firmware/export/mp3data.h b/firmware/export/mp3data.h
index c031cc20ce..a7f2e3d7f0 100644
--- a/firmware/export/mp3data.h
+++ b/firmware/export/mp3data.h
@@ -47,13 +47,15 @@ struct mp3info {
long byte_count; /* File size in bytes */
long file_time; /* Length of the whole file in milliseconds */
int vbr_header_pos;
+ int enc_delay; /* Encoder delay, fetched from LAME header */
+ int enc_padding; /* Padded samples added to last frame. LAME header */
/* Xing header information */
-#define VBR_FRAMES_FLAG 0x01
-#define VBR_BYTES_FLAG 0x02
-#define VBR_TOC_FLAG 0x04
+#define VBR_FRAMES_FLAG 0x01
+#define VBR_BYTES_FLAG 0x02
+#define VBR_TOC_FLAG 0x04
+#define VBR_QUALITY_FLAG 0x08
unsigned long find_next_frame(int fd, long *offset, long max_offset, unsigned long last_header);
unsigned long mem_find_next_frame(int startpos, long *offset, long max_offset,