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authorMichael Sevakis <>2012-05-02 17:22:28 -0400
committerMichael Sevakis <>2012-05-02 17:22:28 -0400
commitda6cebb6b0b17b4a75a2bd4f51b7cf70b5dafe40 (patch)
treedf0eb18120c38ec7b08d3ae1e0837f0781065e87 /firmware/font.c
parent3d3a144cf68186fd34f7bf11181b7757c7a6018d (diff)
Use buflib for the allocation of voice PCM resources.
Buffers are not allocated and thread is not created until the first call where voice is required. Adds a different callback (sync_callback) to buflib so that other sorts of synchonization are possible, such as briefly locking-out the PCM callback for a buffer move. It's sort of a messy addition but it is needed so voice decoding won't have to be stopped when its buffer is moved. Change-Id: I4d4d8c35eed5dd15fb7ee7df9323af3d036e92b3
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diff --git a/firmware/font.c b/firmware/font.c
index 895ce15446..4b21f0ffe3 100644
--- a/firmware/font.c
+++ b/firmware/font.c
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ void font_lock(int font_id, bool lock)
lock_font_handle(buflib_allocations[font_id], lock);
-static struct buflib_callbacks buflibops = {buflibmove_callback, NULL };
+static struct buflib_callbacks buflibops = {buflibmove_callback, NULL, NULL };
static inline struct font *pf_from_handle(int handle)