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AMSv2: don't reboot on USB plug
Users will have to reboot to OF manually or to power off, and then plug USB No message is displayed because usb_detect() is run from a tick This lacks documentation but should be OK for Unstable devices, and will hopefully prevent clueless users from opening their devices and breaking them definitely, instead of waiting for the battery to power off. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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diff --git a/firmware/target/arm/as3525/usb-as3525.c b/firmware/target/arm/as3525/usb-as3525.c
index 524d8d2c7d..61ceb744a1 100644
--- a/firmware/target/arm/as3525/usb-as3525.c
+++ b/firmware/target/arm/as3525/usb-as3525.c
@@ -55,5 +55,11 @@ void usb_remove_int(void)
int usb_detect(void)
+#if CONFIG_CPU == AS3525v2
+ /* Rebooting on USB plug can crash these players in a state where
+ * hardware power off (pressing the power button) doesn't work anymore
+ * TODO: Implement USB in rockbox for these players */
return usb_status;