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authorMichael Sevakis <>2007-10-06 22:27:27 +0000
committerMichael Sevakis <>2007-10-06 22:27:27 +0000
commit6077e5b7c85c0d6f5963e4aadb215faf2c4d10d2 (patch)
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parentf6de0d4083a4fcb6da57f271e1f8ccaf715e571d (diff)
Unify PCM interface just above the hardware driver level for all targets including the sims. Perform lockout of audio callback when changing states. Weird new playback or recording trouble? Check before and after this revision first though things seem quite sound.
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diff --git a/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S b/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S
index 858f795aad..8fd1e31f09 100644
--- a/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S
+++ b/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S
@@ -243,10 +243,10 @@ cpu_init:
msr cpsr_c, #0xd1 /* IRQ/FIQ disabled */
ldr sp, =fiq_stack
/* We'll load the banked FIQ mode registers with useful values here.
- These values will be used in the FIQ handler in pcm_playback.c */
- ldr r12, =IIS_CONFIG
+ These values will be used in the FIQ handler in pcm-pp.c */
+ ldr r10, =IIS_CONFIG
- ldr r11, =p
+ ldr r11, =dma_play_data
/* Let abort and undefined modes use IRQ stack */
msr cpsr_c, #0xd7 /* IRQ/FIQ disabled */
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ vectors:
.word data_abort_handler
.word reserved_handler
.word irq_handler
- .word 0 /* fiq handler set in pcm driver */
+ .word fiq_handler