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authorMichael Sevakis <>2007-09-29 06:17:33 +0000
committerMichael Sevakis <>2007-09-29 06:17:33 +0000
commitda55251a35d8ad6c0b8b9e62904798212caba46f (patch)
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parentaaf3e3269c9d1e3dc41255c9be5f47aba8acb515 (diff)
Compile Portal Player bootloaders as single core. Cleanup the startup code for bootloaders. Remove cop stack entirely and keep IRAM use down on all relevant targets - just use the 128-byte idle stack. Use the inline asm version of current_core for pp5002 as well.
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diff --git a/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S b/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S
index 971b9e0ac5..2708ee3ad4 100644
--- a/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S
+++ b/firmware/target/arm/crt0-pp.S
@@ -266,15 +266,11 @@ cop_init:
ldr r3, [r4]
tst r3, #SLEEPING
beq 1b
/* Set up idle stack for COP and munge it with 0xdeadbeef */
- ldr r2, =cop_idlestackbegin
ldr sp, =cop_idlestackend
- /* Setup stack for COP and munge it with 0xdeadbeef */
- ldr r2, =cop_stackbegin
- ldr sp, =cop_stackend
+ ldr r2, =cop_idlestackbegin
ldr r4, =0xdeadbeef
cmp sp, r2