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hwstub: rewrite exception catching
Since we can catch exceptions like data aborts on read/write, it takes very little to also catch exceptions in calls. When extending this with the catching of illegal instructions, the call instruction now becomes much more robust and also for address and instruction probing. Since we can catch several types of exception, rename set_data_abort_jmp to set_exception_jmp. At the same time, simplify the logic in read/write request handlers. Also fix a bug in ARM jump code: it was using stmia r1, {..., pc} as if pc would get current pc + 8 but this is actually implementation defined on older ARMs (typically pc + 12) and deprecated on newer ARMs, so rewrite the code avoid that. The set_exception_jmp() function now also reports the exception type. Change-Id: Icd0dd52d2456b361b27c4776be09c3d13528ed93
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