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New port: AIGO EROS Q / EROS K
The Q and K have a slightly different case, but the hardware under the shell is completely identical. These models are rebadged versions: * Hifiwalker H2 (== Q) * AGPTek H3 (== K) * Surfans F20 (== K) Other notes: * Significant improvements in the shared Hiby-platform launcher/loader * SD card can theoretically be hot-swapped now * Support external USB mass storage! * Some consolidation of Hiby-platform targets * Some consolidation of plugin keymaps Todo/known issues: * Keymaps need to be gone over properly * Convert to HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL? Change-Id: I5a8a4f22c38a5b69392ca7c0a8ad8c4e07d9523c
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+#include "../agptek/debug-agptek.c"