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Modernize toolchain script and add generic arm toolchain
I did some cleanup of redudant stuff, simplify some logic, also switch to bash because sh in the pain when ones want to locally define variables for functions calls. I also added support to download more stuff like alsa-lib and more recent gccs that use a different naming convention, as well as linux kernels. I also add some build to build linux toolchains without ct-ng. The biggest problem with ct-ng is that they regularly drop support for old stuff and as a result it rots really quickly for old toolchains. I add a new toolchain for generic linux arm with the minimum requirements, it works fine on Sony NWZ and also on YP-R0. Finally, now understand options on its command line (see --help). Notably --target to give the list of targets (useful for noninteractive scripts), --restart to restart at a step, --makeflags and others (instead of the environment variables) Change-Id: I869760c1faeb00ab381796a4cda82ffbc9637123
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