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source code for all my flash stuff, now finally in cvs
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diff --git a/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h b/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h
@@ -0,0 +1,111 @@
+#ifndef NULL
+#define NULL ((void*)0)
+#define TRUE 1
+#define FALSE 0
+// scalar types
+typedef unsigned char UINT8;
+typedef unsigned short UINT16;
+typedef unsigned long UINT32;
+typedef int BOOL;
+typedef void(*tpFunc)(void); // type for execute
+typedef int(*tpMain)(void); // type for start vector to main()
+// structure of an image in the flash
+typedef struct
+ UINT32* pDestination; // address to copy it to
+ UINT32 size; // how many bytes of payload (to the next header)
+ tpFunc pExecute; // entry point
+ UINT32 flags; // uncompressed or compressed
+ // end of header, now comes the payload
+ UINT32 image[]; // the binary image starts here
+ // after the payload, the next header may follow, all 0xFF if none
+} tImage;
+// flags valid for image header
+#define IF_NONE 0x00000000
+#define IF_UCL_2E 0x00000001 // image is compressed with UCL, algorithm 2e
+// resolve platform dependency of F1 button check
+#if defined PLATFORM_PLAYER
+#define CHANNEL 1
+#define F1_LOWER 0 // this is the "Menu" key
+#define F1_UPPER 384
+#define F2_LOWER 1024 // not present
+#define F2_UPPER 1024
+#define F3_LOWER 1024
+#define F3_UPPER 1024
+#elif defined PLATFORM_RECORDER
+#define CHANNEL 4
+#define F1_LOWER 250
+#define F1_UPPER 499
+#define F2_LOWER 500
+#define F2_UPPER 699
+#define F3_LOWER 900
+#define F3_UPPER 1023
+#elif defined PLATFORM_FM
+#define CHANNEL 4
+#define F1_LOWER 150
+#define F1_UPPER 384
+#define F2_LOWER 385
+#define F2_UPPER 544
+#define F3_LOWER 700
+#define F3_UPPER 1023
+#error ("No platform given!")
+#define FLASH_BASE 0x02000000 // start of the flash memory
+#define FW_VERSION *(unsigned short*)(FLASH_BASE + 0xFE) // firmware version
+// prototypes
+void _main(void) __attribute__ ((section (".startup")));
+int main(void);
+void PlatformInit(void);
+void DramInit(void);
+int ucl_nrv2e_decompress_8(const UINT8 *src, UINT8 *dst, UINT32* dst_len);
+void DecompressStart(tImage* pImage);
+int ReadADC(int channel);
+int ButtonPressed(void);
+tImage* GetStartImage(int nPreferred);
+// test functions
+void SetLed(BOOL bOn);
+void UartInit(void);
+UINT8 UartRead(void);
+void UartWrite(UINT8 byte);
+void MiniMon(void);
+// minimon commands
+#define BAUDRATE 0x00 // followed by BRR value; response: command byte
+#define ADDRESS 0x01 // followed by 4 bytes address; response: command byte
+#define BYTE_READ 0x02 // response: 1 byte content
+#define BYTE_WRITE 0x03 // followed by 1 byte content; response: command byte
+#define BYTE_READ16 0x04 // response: 16 bytes content
+#define BYTE_WRITE16 0x05 // followed by 16 bytes; response: command byte
+#define BYTE_FLASH 0x06 // followed by 1 byte content; response: command byte
+#define BYTE_FLASH16 0x07 // followed by 16 bytes; response: command byte
+#define HALFWORD_READ 0x08 // response: 2 byte content
+#define HALFWORD_WRITE 0x09 // followed by 2 byte content; response: command byte
+#define EXECUTE 0x0A // response: command byte if call returns
+#define VERSION 0x0B // response: version
+// linker symbols
+extern UINT32 begin_text[];
+extern UINT32 end_text[];
+extern UINT32 begin_data[];
+extern UINT32 end_data[];
+extern UINT32 begin_bss[];
+extern UINT32 end_bss[];
+extern UINT32 begin_stack[];
+extern UINT32 end_stack[];
+extern UINT32 begin_iramcopy[];
+extern UINT32 total_size[];