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authorJens Arnold <>2008-10-12 22:10:22 +0000
committerJens Arnold <>2008-10-12 22:10:22 +0000
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Archos flash loader: compile with -Os and make all internal functions static to save space. main() and _main() must not be static or they wouldn't end up in IRAM for execution. * Also make some bootbox functions static, and drop the useless return value from charging_screen().
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diff --git a/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h b/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h
index fc6bcb1eed..948311f55d 100644
--- a/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h
+++ b/flash/bootloader/bootloader.h
@@ -76,26 +76,9 @@ typedef struct
#define FLASH_BASE 0x02000000 // start of the flash memory
#define FW_VERSION *(unsigned short*)(FLASH_BASE + 0xFE) // firmware version
// prototypes
void _main(void) __attribute__ ((section (".startup")));
int main(void);
-void PlatformInit(void);
-void DramInit(void);
-int ucl_nrv2e_decompress_8(const UINT8 *src, UINT8 *dst, UINT32* dst_len);
-void DecompressStart(tImage* pImage);
-#ifdef USE_ADC
-int ReadADC(int channel);
-int ButtonPressed(void);
-tImage* GetStartImage(int nPreferred);
-// test functions
-void SetLed(BOOL bOn);
-void UartInit(void);
-UINT8 UartRead(void);
-void UartWrite(UINT8 byte);
-void MiniMon(void);
// minimon commands
#define BAUDRATE 0x00 // followed by BRR value; response: command byte