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Font cleanup step 3 - The Big Shuffle: Renamed all fonts to a consistent naming scheme that allows easy selection of alternatives based on size, as discussed on IRC. Adjusted themes in SVN and Makefile for the sysfont. ** Attention **: Clean up your /.rockbox/fonts folder before installing the new release, and then install a new font pack as well. Adjust font names in your custom .cfg files. A reference table can be found in fonts/README.
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+ __________ __ ___.
+ Open \______ \ ____ ____ | | _\_ |__ _______ ___
+ Source | _// _ \_/ ___\| |/ /| __ \ / _ \ \/ /
+ Jukebox | | ( <_> ) \___| < | \_\ ( <_> > < <
+ Firmware |____|_ /\____/ \___ >__|_ \|___ /\____/__/\_ \
+ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
+ Rockbox Font Collection
+Fonts put here need to follow a few rules:
+1. All fonts must be in standard unicode encoding (ISO10646-1). ISO8859-1
+ would also work, but should be avoided for consistency, and converted to
+ unicode (it's a trivial change of declaration, the actual code positions
+ stay the same).
+ Other encodings will break text output in rockbox for any non-ASCII text
+ and are hence not allowed.
+2. All fonts need to adhere to the following naming convention for easy
+ browsing in rockbox:
+ NN-Family-Variant.bdf
+ NN is the height _in pixels_ when converted to .fnt with convbdf, zero
+ padded for proper sorting in the file browser.
+ "Family" is the font family (might consist of more than one part, e.g.
+ "Adobe-Helvetica")
+ "Variant" covers the weight and variant (might also consist of more than
+ one part e.g. "Cond-BoldItalic"). This part should be left out if it is
+ Regular/Normal/Medium. Do not abbreviate variant names unless they're
+ overly long (keep in mind that the rockbox target displays vary a lot in
+ size).
+3. Fonts must have a suitable license for redistribution.
+4. Fonts should be carefully selected, judging quality over quantity. A font
+ that only covers ASCII isn't worth much. Rockbox supports a lot of
+ languages.
+Reference table for theme authors
+Old Name New Name Remarks
+00-Starmap_r400-8 - removed, use another 8px font
+5x7 07-Fixed
+5x8 08-Fixed
+6+12x13 13-Fixed
+6x9 09-Fixed
+6x10 10-Fixed
+6x12 12-Fixed-SemiCond
+6x13 13-Fixed-SemiCond
+6x13B 13-Fixed-SemiCond-Bold
+8x13B 13-Fixed-Bold
+9+18x18 18-Fixed
+9+18x18B 18-Fixed-Bold
+alt8x8 - removed, use another 8px font
+atadore 08-Atadore
+atari-small - removed, use another 8px font
+clR6x8-8859-2 08-Schumacher-Clean *
+courB08 - removed, use another 10px font
+courB14 - removed, use another 18px font
+Hebrew-Bold - removed, use another 8px font
+Hebrew-Large - removed, use another 8px font
+Hebrew-Medium - removed, use another 8px font
+Hebrew-Small - removed, use another 8px font
+helvR10 12-Adobe-Helvetica
+helvR12 15-Adobe-Helvetica
+helvR14 16-Adobe-Helvetica
+jackash-16 16-Jackash
+mix12 14-Rockbox-Mix
+namil-8 08-Namil
+nedore-8 08-Nedore
+nedore-9 09-Nedore
+nimbus-10 10-Nimbus
+nimbus-11 11-Nimbus
+nimbus-12 12-Nimbus
+nimbus-13 13-Nimbus
+nimbus-14 14-Nimbus
+nimbus-19 19-Nimbus
+ProFont_r400-10 10-ProFont
+ProFont_r400-11 11-ProFont
+ProFont_r400-12 12-ProFont
+ProFont_r400-15 15-ProFont
+ProFont_r400-17 17-ProFont
+ProFont_r400-22 22-ProFont
+ProFont_r400-29 29-ProFont
+proportional 08-Rockbox-Propfont
+rockbox_default 08-Schumacher-Clean *
+rockfont-8 08-Rockfont
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-8 08-Sazanami-Mincho
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-9 09-Sazanami-Mincho
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-10 10-Sazanami-Mincho
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-11 11-Sazanami-Mincho
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-12 12-Sazanami-Mincho
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-13 13-Sazanami-Mincho
+Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-14 14-Sazanami-Mincho
+snap 10-Artwiz-Snap
+ter-u12n 12-Terminus
+ter-u14b 14-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u14n 14-Terminus
+ter-u14v - removed, use 14-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u16b 16-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u16n 16-Terminus
+ter-u16v - removed, use 16-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u20b 20-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u20n 20-Terminus
+ter-u24b 24-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u24n 24-Terminus
+ter-u28b 28-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u28n 28-Terminus
+ter-u32b 32-Terminus-Bold
+ter-u32n 32-Terminus
+timR08 - removed, use another 11px font
+Tiny-Prop-5 05-Tiny
+Tiny-Prop-6 06-Tiny
+unifont 16-GNU-Unifont
+uwe_prop - removed, use 08-Rockbox-Propfont
+win_crox0c - removed, use another 10px font
+win_crox1c - removed, use another 13px font
+win_crox2c - removed, use another 16px font
+win_crox3c - removed, use another 20px font
+win_crox4h - removed, use another 24px font
+win_crox5t - removed, use another 27px font
+* this is not a mistake. Those were 2 encoding variants of the same font,
+ which are now combined.