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atjboottool: cleanup and add support for atj2127
Several people asked me recently how to decrypt atj2127 firmware. Someone posted on github ( a decrypt utility clearly reverse engineered from some unknown source. The code is an absolute horror but I concluded that ATJ changed very little between ATJ213x and ATJ2127 so I added support for the ATJ2127, credit to this github code that I stole and rewrite (code was under MIT licence). At the same time do some small code cleanups. Note that there is not 100% sure way that I know to distinguish between the two firmware types, so the code tries to do an educated guess to detect ATJ2127. If this does not work, use --atj21217 option. Also note that contrary to the github tool that decrypts and unpack in one go, this tool only does one step at once. So first decrypt: HEX -> AFI, then unpack AFI -> files. I also added for a different version of AFI. Based on AFI files I have, there are, I think, two versions: the "old" ones (pre-ATJ213x) and "new" ones. The tool only supported the new one but for some reason the ATJ2127 uses the old ones without a mostly empty header. Strangely, even this mostly empty header does not seem to follow the old layout as reverse engineered by the s1mp3 project (, so in fact there might be three versions. In any case, only the header is different, the rest of the file is identical so at the moment I just don't print any header info for "old" files. Change-Id: I1de61e64f433f6cacd239cd3c1ba469b9bb12442
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