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Manual: Pull general album art info out of the theme tags section.
Make this info available for all bitmap targets, also ones that only need it in the pictureflow description. Shuffle some lines around so that it doesn't need too many opts. Fixes FS#11350. Change-Id: I5268483c7a1d765c8a994614442309b05de1d832
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+\chapter{\label{ref:album_art}Album Art}
+Rockbox allows you to put the album art, or another image related to the music
+on your \dap{} to display it in the PictureFlow plugin\opt{albumart}{ or in the
+theme}. For this feature to work, there are a few requirements.
+ Rockbox supports embedded album art only for some specific formats, see
+ \reference{ref:featureset_for_generic_metadata_tags} for full details. It additionally
+ supports loading images located on the \disk{}. PictureFlow is currently unable to
+ use embedded album art.
+ Rockbox currently only supports loading images located on the
+ \disk{} for use in PictureFlow.
+The image files must be in either BMP or JPEG format\opt{albumart}{, while embedded
+album art is currently limited to JPEG. Embedded JPEG images must not be
+unsynchronized}. Rockbox does not support RLE-compressed BMP files, nor does it
+support progressive and multi-scan JPEG files.
+JPEG files must consist of a single scan with interleaved components,
+as progessive and multi-scan images require much more memory to decode.
+\section{Where to put album art}
+The pictures can be named a number of different ways, and placed to a number of
+different locations. You can have pictures specific to the file or the album
+or use a generic picture. You can place the picture in the same directory
+as the file, in the parent directory or in a fixed directory named
+\fname{/.rockbox/albumart/}. The order Rockbox uses when looking for a picture
+is as follows (a list in braces means that those file extensions are tried in
+that order):
+\item embedded (JPEG images in ID3v2 or MP4 tags only)
+\item \fname{./filename.\{jpeg,jpg,bmp\}}
+\item \fname{./albumtitle.\{jpeg,jpg,bmp\}}
+\item \fname{./cover.\{jpeg,jpg,bmp\}}
+\item \fname{./folder.jpg}
+\item \fname{/.rockbox/albumart/albumartist-albumtitle.\{jpeg,jpg,bmp\}}
+\item \fname{../albumtitle.\{jpeg,jpg,bmp\}}
+\item \fname{../cover.\{jpeg,jpg,bmp\}}
+The following characters will be replaced with an underscore (\_) when looking
+for albumtitle.bmp or albumartist-albumtitle.bmp: \textbackslash{} / : <
+> ? * |. Doublequotes will be replaced by single quotes.
+If no album artist is set, artist will be used instead. See \wikilink{AlbumArt}
+in the wiki for programs that will help you automate the process of putting
+album art on your \dap{}.