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SKIN BREAK: %pb, %bl and %pv (bar types) changed so the image is the last param instead of the first. skin updater, skins and manual all updated.
NEW PARSER: add an 'N' param type which will accept any number of strings, will cause very big problems if this isnt the last param for a tag. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ produce the information for the next file to be played.
& This will replace the entire line with a progress bar. \\
& You can set the position, width and height of the progressbar %
(in pixels) and load a custom image for it: %
- \config{\%pb{\textbar}image.bmp{\textbar}x{\textbar}y{\textbar}width{\textbar}height{\textbar}}} \\
+ \config{\%pb{\textbar}x{\textbar}y{\textbar}width{\textbar}height{\textbar}image.bmp{\textbar}}} \\
\config{\%pf} & Full-line progress bar \& time display\\
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ produce the information for the next file to be played.
& 0 is used for mute, the last option is used for values greater than zero.\\
\opt{lcd_bitmap}{& This can also be used like \%pb to provide a continuous scale:
- \config{\%pv{\textbar}image.bmp{\textbar}x{\textbar}y{\textbar}width{\textbar}height{\textbar}}} \\
+ \config{\%pv{{\textbar}x{\textbar}y{\textbar}width{\textbar}height\textbar}image.bmp{\textbar}}} \\
\config{\%pS} & Track is starting. An optional number gives how many seconds
the tag remains true for after the start of the track. The default is
10 seconds if no number is specified.\\