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manual: Document the DAC power mode setting
Make a note of the fact that the M3K DAC's high performance setting is not necessarily the highest quality setting -- see forum post,52917.msg249741.html#msg249741 Change-Id: If0196d2a224868aae10d61f66bac2e8c6843263f
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the effect of widening the stereo field. A value of 100\% will leave the
stereo field unaltered.
+ \opt{fiiom3k}{
+ \section{DAC Power Mode}
+ The power mode setting lets you choose between the high performance and
+ battery-saving modes of the DAC. Although battery saver mode is intended
+ to maximize your battery life, potentially at the expense of quality, in
+ some cases it may produce better quality audio than high performance mode.
+ If you want to get the best audio quality, you should experiment with both
+ settings to see which one is actually better.
+ }
+ \opt{shanlingq1}{
+ \section{DAC Output Level}
+ The output level setting selects between the DAC's high and low gain modes.
+ High gain consumes more power, but allows for increased volume and allows
+ the DAC to drive higher impedance headphones.
+ High gain corresponds to a 2.0V RMS (root-mean-square) output level, and
+ low gain to a 1.0V RMS level.
+ }
\section{3D Enhancement}
3D Enhancement increases the perceived separation between the left and right