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manual: document 3D enhancement
3D "enhancement" is available on all imx233 platform, and also on platforms with the WM8978 codec (gigabeats) and WM8750 codec (MPIO HD 200/300). I used different texts for different codecs because (in theory) they do different "things". Change-Id: I62ecb075f7594427491b6be83cfa80f763566aba
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the effect of widening the stereo field. A value of 100\% will leave the
stereo field unaltered.
+ \section{3D Enhancement}
+ 3D Enhancement increases the perceived separation between the left and right
+ channels.
+ \opt{IMX233}{%
+ It works by subtracting a portion of the opposite channel's content for each
+ channel. This setting controls the amount of opposite channel content that
+ is subtracted. A value of 0dB leaves the audio signal unmodified.}%
+ \opt{HAVE_WM8750,HAVE_WM8978}{%
+ This settings controls the degree of stereo expansion. A value of 0\%
+ leaves the audio signal unmodified.
+ }%
When listening at low volumes, the ear will tend to make bass and treble