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Explain in more detail what the precut option for EQ does, and also mention that it requires EQ to be enabled to use it.
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- If too much gain is added through the graphical EQ, your music may distort.
- The \setting{Precut} setting allows you to adjust the overall gain of the EQ.
- If your music distorts when using the EQ, trying changing this setting to a
- negative value.
+ If too much positive gain is added through the graphical EQ, your music may
+ distort. The \setting{Precut} setting allows you to apply a global negative
+ gain to decoded audio, cancelling out positive gain from the EQ. This will
+ prevent distortion when boosting certain frequency ranges, at the expense of
+ making audio quieter.
+ Alternatively, precut can be used with a flat EQ curve to implement a volume
+ cap. For example, on a player that allows overdriving the headphone output
+ to +6dB, maximum volume can be capped to +0dB by applying 6dB of precut. Note
+ that precut is not applied if EQ is disabled.
\item[Simple EQ.]
This option provides an easier alternative for those who are daunted by all of