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Implement volume limiter feature
Add a "volume limit" parameter to the configuration file. The maximum value of volume setting in sound menu will be limited to the same as volume limit. Also each time when setvol() is excuted, Rockbox will check if the global_settings.volume value larger than global_settings.volume_limit. If larger, take the value of volume_limit instead. The volume_limit argument shares the same maximum and minimum values with volume argument, while taking the maximum volume as its default value. Change-Id: I8ca9bc6ea6e617b48fc346aae5f2a0a1d259ae36 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jonathan Gordon <>
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The minimum setting is -24~dB and the maximum is 24~dB.}
+\section{\label{ref:volume_limit}Volume Limit}
+ This setting adjusts the maximum volume of your music. The setting is by
+ default set to the maximum volume which equals to no limit. To set a volume
+ limit, select a volume from the list and the maximum volume will be limited to
+ the selected value all over the system.
\section{Bass Cutoff}
This setting controls the frequency below which the bass adjustment applies.