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usb: Add ability to prompt user about what to do upon usb insertion
v3: Add in config option v4: Bugfixes v5: Force a redraw upon exiting v6: keypress-in-chargeonly mode enables mass storage (and vice versa) v7: Fix bootloader builds v8: Update manual, and have bootloader respect keypresses v9: Change default to mass storage (ie no change in behavior) todo: * test-build dx50/dx90 * Switch from yes/no to proper menu? * prevent WPS progress bar from drawing over us Change-Id: I82e0ccb08497b7a5aa756ce77f1332ee963703a7 ... Change-Id: I7946cf240b18a4fa8ace5e25e1eb6e97b8b12d7c
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+ \subsection{USB Mode}
+ This controls what happens with the \dap{}'s USB port is connected.
+ \setting{Charge Only} and \setting{Mass Storage} will automatically enter
+ that mode, and \setting{Ask} will prompt the user each time.
\subsection{USB Hide Internal Drive}
If this option is turned \setting{On}, the internal storage drive will not