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In the process, utilize the \download{} and \wikilink{} commands instead of direct URLs. Change-Id: Iad38c15c7b9cec95b6c011fd0dbdbb3326985bbc
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\item Download the Rockbox bootloader from
- \url{}
+ \download{bootloader/gigabeat/}
\item Starting at the root directory of your player browse into the directory
\fname{GBSYSTEM} and from that into the subdirectory \fname{FWIMG}.
These directories are hidden. Make sure that you have configured your browser
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without a copy of the original firmware from the original install CD.}
\item Now copy the file \fname{FWIMG01.DAT} you downloaded to that directory.
Make sure the spelling is correct.
-\end{itemize} \ No newline at end of file