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@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ from \wikilink{VoiceFiles}. For the English language, the file is called
\fname{english.voice}. When it has been downloaded, unpack this file and copy it
into the \fname{lang} folder which is inside the /\fname{.rockbox} folder on
your Jukebox. Voice menus are turned on by default. See
-\rockref{ref:Voiceconfiguration} for details on voice settings.
+\reference{ref:Voiceconfiguration} for details on voice settings.
\section{Running Rockbox}
Remove your \dap from the computer's USB port. Unplug any connected power supply
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ you see the Rockbox splash screen, Rockbox is loaded and ready for use.
onto your player using Itunes, you will not be able to see your music because
Itunes changes your files' names and hides them in directories in the
\fname{Ipod\_Control} folder. You can view files placed on your \dap{} by Itunes
-by initializing and using Rockbox's Tag Cache. See \rockref{ref:tagcache} for
+by initializing and using Rockbox's Tag Cache. See \reference{ref:tagcache} for
more information.}
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ defaults when a Rockbox build is updated. Thus, it is a good idea to save your
settings using the \setting{Manage Settings} $\rightarrow$ \setting{Write .cfg
file} function before updating your Rockbox build so that you can easily restore
the settings if necessary. For additional information on how to save, load, and
-reset Rockbox's settings, see \rockref{ref:SystemOptions}.}
+reset Rockbox's settings, see \reference{ref:SystemOptions}.}
\section{Uninstalling Rockbox}
If you would like to go back to using the original \playername\ software, then