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FS #8340 by David Bishop. Remove contractions from the manual, as this seems to be common practice in this format and makes it easier to read for non-native english speakers. New manual work should try to adhere to this.
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ should see the message ``[INFO] Bootloader installed successfully.'' Press
ENTER again to exit sansapatcher and then quit the Terminal application.
\item \warn{If you received a ``Resource busy'' error from
-sansapatcher, then this means you didn't complete step
+sansapatcher, then this means you did not complete step
\ref{subsec:macos_umount}. Go back to Disk Utility, unmount your
\dap{} and then run sansapatcher again.}
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ Wait for it to connect, and then eject and unplug it in the normal way.
\download{bootloader/sandisk-sansa/sansapatcher/linux32x86/sansapatcher} (32-bit x86
binary) or \download{bootloader/sandisk-sansa/sansapatcher/linux64amd64/sansapatcher}
(64-bit amd64 binary). You can save this anywhere you wish, but the next
-steps will assume you've saved it in your home directory.
+steps will assume you have saved it in your home directory.
\item Attach your \dap{} to your computer.