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Make more use of the 'features' system in the manuals (committed in r16304), less stuff to keep in sync manually but keep in mind that changes in config-*.h can now affect the manual
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@@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ affect the recorded sound. If enabled in the peak meter settings, a counter in
front of the peak meters shows the number of times the clip indicator was
activated during recording. The counter is reset to zero when starting a new
\note{When you start a recording, the hard disk will spin up. This will cause
the peak meters to freeze in the process. This is expected behaviour, and
nothing to worry about. The recording continues during the spin up.}}
\opt{MASCODEC}{The frequency, channels and quality}
-\opt{SWCODEC}{The frequency and channels} settings are shown on the last line.
+\opt{swcodec}{The frequency and channels} settings are shown on the last line.
The controls for this screen are: