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Update the manual to reflect recent menu changes, add descriptions of how to move and remove tracks in the playlist viewer, Recording settings are now in their own chapter.
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+% $Id$ %
+\subsection{\label{ref:while_recording_screen}While Recording Screen}
+\screenshot{main_menu/images/ss-while-recording-screen}{The while recording
+ screen}{}
+Entering the \setting{Recording} option in the \setting{Main Menu} brings up
+a screen in which you can choose to enter the \setting{Recording Screen} or
+the \setting{Recording Settings} (see below). The \setting{Recording Screen}
+shows the time elapsed and the size of the file being recorded. A peak meter
+is present to allow you set gain correctly. There is also a volume setting,
+this will only affect the output level of the \dap{} and does \emph{not}
+affect the recorded sound.
+\note{When you start a recording, the hard disk will spin up. This will cause
+the peak meters to freeze in the process. This is expected behaviour, and
+nothing to worry about. The recording continues during the spin up.}}
+\opt{MASCODEC}{The frequency, channels and quality}
+\opt{SWCODEC}{The frequency and channels} settings are shown on the last line.
+The controls for this screen are:
+ \begin{btnmap}{}{}
+ \ActionStdPrev{} / \ActionStdNext & Select setting.\\
+ %
+ \ActionSettingsDec{} / \ActionSettingsInc & Adjust selected setting.\\
+ %
+ \ActionRecPause & Start recording.\\
+ & While recording: pause recording (press again to
+ continue).\\
+ %
+ \ActionRecExit & Exit \setting{Recording Screen}.\\
+ & While recording: Stop recording.\\
+ %
+ \ActionRecNewfile & Starts recording.\\
+ & While recording: close the current file and open
+ a new one.\\
+ }
+ %
+ \ActionRecMenu & Open \setting{Recording Settings} (see below).\\
+ %
+ \ActionRecFTwo & Quick menu for recording settings. A quick press will
+ leave the screen up (press \ActionRecFTwo{} again to exit), while holding
+ it will close the screen when you release it.\\
+ }
+ %
+ \ActionRecFThree & Quick menu for source setting.\\
+ & Quick/hold works as for \ActionRecFTwo.\\
+ & While recording: Start a new recording file.\\
+ }
+ \end{btnmap}