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Correct what happens when selecting Recording in the Main Menu in the manual. Fixes FS#9768
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\screenshot{main_menu/images/ss-while-recording-screen}{The while recording
-Entering the \setting{Recording} option in the \setting{Main Menu} brings up
-a screen in which you can choose to enter the \setting{Recording Screen} or
-the \setting{Recording Settings} (see \reference{ref:Recordingsettings}).
+Selecting the \setting{Recording} option in the \setting{Main Menu} enters
+the \setting{Recording Screen}, whilst pressing \ActionStdContext{} enters the
+\setting{Recording Settings} (see \reference{ref:Recordingsettings}).
The \setting{Recording Screen}
shows the time elapsed and the size of the file being recorded. A peak meter
is present to allow you set gain correctly. There is also a volume setting,
@@ -14,16 +14,16 @@ this will only affect the output level of the \dap{} and does \emph{not}
affect the recorded sound. If enabled in the peak meter settings, a counter in
front of the peak meters shows the number of times the clip indicator was
activated during recording. The counter is reset to zero when starting a new
\note{When you start a recording, the hard disk will spin up. This will cause
the peak meters to freeze in the process. This is expected behaviour, and
-nothing to worry about. The recording continues during the spin up.}}}
+nothing to worry about. The recording continues during the spin up.\\*}}}
\opt{MASCODEC}{The frequency, channels and quality}
-\opt{swcodec}{The frequency and channels} settings are shown on the last line.
+\opt{swcodec}{The frequency and channels} settings are shown on the last line.\\*
The controls for this screen are: