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Some various pieces of manual work: Fixed installation instructions for the e200 and c200 under Mac OS X, added a warning about v2 firmwares to the Sansa install page, and the very beginnings of a Sansa Clip manual (which still needs a lot of work!) Also fixed up the blind descriptions for the Archos Player and Recorder, and some little typo fixes here and there.
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+% $Id:
+\newcommand{\ButtonVolUp}{\btnfnt{Volume Up}}
+\newcommand{\ButtonVolDown}{\btnfnt{Volume Down}}
+%Button actions, standard context
+%Button actions, wps context
+%Button actions, tree context
+%Button actions, YesNo context
+%Button actions, Setting context
+%Button actions, Virtual Keyboard Context
+%Button actions, Pitch Screen context
+%Button actions, Recording screen context
+%Button actions, FM radio context \ No newline at end of file