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Improve English in the codebuster manual entry.
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-Codebuster is a clone of the classic mastermind game. Your aim is to guess the
-computer's combination in a minimal number of attempts. At every turn, you input
-a combination, which is then validated by the computer, which displays the number
-of well-placed and misplaced pegs (a red square for right ones, and a white square
-for misplaced ones).
+Codebuster is a clone of the classic mastermind game. The computer selects a
+random combination of coloured pegs and the aim is to guess the correct combination
+in the smallest number of moves. After each attempt to guess the combination the
+results are displayed in the form of red and white pegs. A red peg signifies
+a correct peg in the correct position, and a white peg signifies a correct
+peg in the wrong position.
@@ -21,7 +22,7 @@ for misplaced ones).
- & Validate suggestion and move to next line \\
+ & Check suggestion and move to next line \\
\ButtonLeft\ / \ButtonRight
& Select a peg \\