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Introduce a new environment 'rbtabular' to make all the tables look the same. See comments in preable.tex. Next step will be to define btnmap and tagmap via this environment.
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@@ -10,18 +10,14 @@ Pacbox is an emulator of the Pacman arcade machine hardware. It is a port of
To use the emulator to play Pacman, you need a copy of ROMs for
``Midway Pacman''.
- \rowcolors{1}{}{tblrowbgcolor}
- \begin{tabular}{ll}\toprule
- \textbf{Filename} & \textbf{MD5 checksum}\\\midrule
+ \begin{rbtabular}{0.8\textwidth}{lX}{\textbf{Filename} & \textbf{MD5 checksum}}{}{}
pacman.5e & 2791455babaf26e0b396c78d2b45f8f6\\
pacman.5f & 9240f35d1d2beee0ff17195653b5e405\\
pacman.6e & 290aa5eae9e2f63587b5dd5a7da932da\\
pacman.6f & 19a886fcd8b5e88b0ed1b97f9d8659c0\\
pacman.6h & d7cce8bffd9563b133ec17ebbb6373d4\\
- pacman.6j & 33c0e197be4c787142af6c3be0d8f6b0\\\bottomrule
- \end{tabular}
+ pacman.6j & 33c0e197be4c787142af6c3be0d8f6b0\\
+ \end{rbtabular}
These need to be stored in the \fname{/.rockbox/pacman/} directory on your