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Patch #4850 from Nils Wallménius. Adds Xobox and Demystify plugins to the manual. Nice work :)
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+Xobox is a simple clone of the well known arcade game Qix.
+The aim of the game is to section off parts of the arena with your trail in
+order to remove that section from the game. Be careful not to get in the way of
+enemy balls because, if they hit you or your trail, you lose a life.
+To finish a level you have to section off more than 75\%.\\
+ \begin{center}
+ \begin{tabular}{ll}\toprule
+ \textbf{Key} & \textbf{Action}\\\midrule
+ Directions & Move the player\\
+ \opt{h1xx,h300}{A-B}\opt{ipodcolor,ipodnano,ipodvideo}{Select} & Pause\\
+ \opt{h1xx,h300}{Stop}\opt{ipodcolor,ipodnano,ipodvideo}{Menu+Select} & Quit\\\bottomrule
+ \end{tabular}
+ \end{center}