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Add a few examples and a few touchups.
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@@ -259,16 +259,16 @@ with image ID ``M'', and then reference the individual sub-images in a condition
-\section{Album art}
+\section{Album Art}
- \config{\%Cl{\textbar}x{\textbar}y{\textbar}[l{\textbar}c{\textbar}r]maxwidth{\textbar}[t{\textbar}c{\textbar}b]maxheight{\textbar}}
+ \config{\%Cl{\textbar}x{\textbar}y{\textbar}[[l{\textbar}c{\textbar}r]maxwidth]{\textbar}[[t{\textbar}c{\textbar}b]maxheight]{\textbar}}
& Define the settings for albumart\\
& \config{x}: x coordinate\\
& \config{y}: y coordinate\\
& \config{maxwidth}: Maximum height.\\
& \config{maxheight}: Maximum width.\\
- \config{\%C} & Display the album art as configured\\
+ \config{\%C} & Display the album art as configured. This tag can also be used as a conditional.\\
@@ -290,6 +290,16 @@ configured values, the picture will be placed according to the flags to the
\item[\config{b}.] Align right
+ \item Load albumart at position 20,40 and display it without resizing:\\
+ \config{\%Cl{\textbar}20{\textbar}40{\textbar}{\textbar}{\textbar}}
+ \item Load albumart at position 0,20 and resize it to be at most 100x100
+ pixels. If the image isn't square, align it to the bottom-right
+ corner:\\
+ \config{\%CL{\textbar}0{\textbar}20{\textbar}r100{\textbar}b100{\textbar}}