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fix the screen scroll out of view description (FS#5331 with adjustments by me)
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it should use depending of how much it has to scroll left. This setting
lets you tell Rockbox where that limit is, expressed in percentage of
line length.
- \item[Screen Scrolls Out of View:] \fixme{tbd}
- \item[Screen Scroll Step Size:] \fixme{tbd}
- \item[Paged Scrolling:] \fixme{tbd}
+ \item[Screen Scrolls Out of View:]
+ On lists with long entries that don't fit on the screen using
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm,h1xx,h300}{\ButtonOn+\ButtonRight/
+ \ButtonLeft}\opt{ondio}{\fixme{tbd}}
+ the complete content will be scrolled right/left. With this option set to
+ \setting{Yes} the lines can scroll out of view. Otherwise the entries
+ will only scroll as far as they align to the margins.
+ \item[Screen Scroll Step Size:]
+ Determines how many pixels the text should advance in every click when
+ scrolling the screen.
+ \item[Paged Scrolling:]
+ When enabled scrolling will page up/down instead of changing lines. This
+ can be useful on slow displays.
@@ -164,7 +174,7 @@
\item[Peak Meter:]
The peak meter can be configured with a number of parameters.
- (For a description of the peak meter see page \pageref{ref:Peakmeter}.)
+ (For a description of the peak meter see page \pageref{sec:peakmeter}.)
\item[Peak Release:]
This determines how fast the bar shrinks when the music becomes