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m:robe 100: some more work on the manual
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@@ -164,7 +164,8 @@ each option pertains both to files and directories):
This is the virtual keyboard that is used when entering text in Rockbox, for
example when renaming a file or creating a new directory.
\ActionKbdLeft{}/ \ActionKbdRight{}/ \ActionKbdUp{}/ \ActionKbdDown
@@ -189,7 +190,7 @@ This is the virtual keyboard that is used when entering text in Rockbox, for
& Deletes the character before the line cursor \\
& Enters Morse input mode \\
@@ -199,7 +200,7 @@ This is the virtual keyboard that is used when entering text in Rockbox, for
\textbf{Picker area}
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@@ -169,6 +169,21 @@ paragraph.
button and nearest to the top of the unit the \ButtonPower{} button, which is held
down to turn the \dap{} on or off.}
+ \opt{mrobe100}{
+ Hold the \dap{} with the black front facing you such that the m:robe writing
+ is readable. Below the writing is the touch sensitive pad with the
+ \ButtonMenu{}, \ButtonPlay{}, \ButtonLeft{}, \ButtonRight{} and \ButtonDisplay
+ controls indicated by their symbols. The dotted center strip is devided in
+ three parts: \ButtonUp{}, \ButtonSelect{} and \ButtonDown. On the top of the
+ unit, on the right, is the \ButtonPower{} switch, which is held down to turn
+ the \dap{} on or off.}.
+ The \ButtonHold{} switch is located on the left of the \dap{}, below the
+ headphone socket. It puts the \dap{} into hold mode when it is switched to the
+ top of the unit. The buttons will have no effect when this is the case. On the
+ bottom of the unit, there is a connector for the docking station or the
+ proprietary USB connector for connecting directly to USB.
+ %
The \dap{} is curved so that the end with the screen on it is thicker than the
other end. Hold the \dap{} wih the thick end towards the top and the screen