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Combine the settings for scrollbar on/off and its position into one with three possible values
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remote statusbar & off, top, bottom & N/A\\
- scrollbar & on, off & N/A\\
- scrollbar pos & left, right & N/A\\
+ scrollbar & off, left, right & N/A\\
scrollbar width & 3 to LCD width / 10 (\fixme{devise a way
to get ranges from config-*.h})& pixels\\
volume display
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Settings related to on screen status display and the scrollbar.
- \item[Scroll Bar:] Enables or disables the vertical scroll bar.
+ \item[Scroll Bar:] Allows you to choose where the vertical scroll bar
+ should appear.
\item[Scroll Bar Width:] Allows you to choose the width of the
scroll bar (in pixels). Default value is 6.
- \item[Scroll Bar Position:] Allows you to choose where the scroll bar
- should appear.
\item[Status Bar:] Allows you to choose where to display the
statusbar\opt{remote}{ on the main display}.