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Physical description of the Sandisk Sansa E200 player. Also holes for the Iaudio and H1xx. No badgers though.
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used to navigate menus by pressing it up, down, left and right. Pressing the
joystick down is labelled \ButtonSelect{} throughout this manual. Its
directions are labelled \ButtonRight{}, \ButtonDown{}, \ButtonLeft{} and
- \ButtonUp{}.}
+ \ButtonUp{}.
+ The internal microphone is located on the left hand side of the nit towards the
+ top, and there is a small reset hole on the bottom of the unit between the
+ power and USB sockets. To perform a hard reset, insert a paperclip into this
+ hole.}
Hold or lay the \dap{} so that the side with the button pad and
@@ -179,7 +184,12 @@ paragraph.
Below the switch is a lozenge shaped button which is the \ButtonRecord{}
button, and below that the final button on this side of the unit, the
- \ButoonPlay{} button. On the bottom of the unit is the connecter for the
+ \ButoonPlay{} button. Just below this is a small hole which is difficult to
+ locate by touch which is the internal microphone. At the very bottom of
+ this side of the unit is the reset hole, which can be used to perform a hard
+ reset by inserting a paper clip.
+ On the bottom of the unit is the connector for the
\playerman{} subpack or dock. On the top of the unit is a charge
indicator light, which may feel a bit like a button, but isn't.
@@ -187,7 +197,23 @@ paragraph.
remote connector. Below this is a cover which protects the \opt{x5}{USB host
connector.}\opt{m5}{USB and charging connector}.}
- \nopt{h1xx,h300,ipodnano,ipodvideo,ipodmini,ipod4g,ipod3g,ipodcolor,ondio,h10,h10_5gb,gigabeatf,x5,m5}
+ \opt{e200}{
+ Hold the \dap with the turning wheel at the front and bottom. On the bottom left
+ of the front of the \dap{} is a raised round button, the \ButtonPower{} button.
+ Above and to the left of this, on the outside of the turning wheel are four
+ buttons. These are the \ButtonUp{}, \ButtonDown{}, \ButtonLeft{} and
+ \ButtonRight{} buttons. Inside the wheel is thr \ButtonSelect{} button. Turning
+ the wheel to the right activates the \ButtonScrollDown{} function, and to the
+ left, the \ButtonScrollUp{} function.
+ On the right of the unit is a slot for inserting flash cards. On the bottom is
+ the connector for the USB cable. On the left is the \ButtonRecord{} button, and
+ on the top, there is the headphone socket to the right, and the \ButtonHold{}
+ switch. Moving this switch to the right activates hold mode in which none of the
+ other buttons have any effect. Just to the left of the \ButtonHold{} switch is a
+ small hole which contains the internal microphone.}
+ %
+ \nopt{h1xx,h300,ipodnano,ipodvideo,ipodmini,ipod4g,ipod3g,ipodcolor,ondio,h10,h10_5gb,gigabeatf,x5,m5,e200}
\fixme{Write a section describing the \dap{} for blind users.}