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Add notifications to the flashing section regarding the validity of that section
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\section{\label{ref:Rockboxinflash}Rockbox in flash}
+\fixme{These instructions are outdated!!. This section is a copy of the wikipage FlashingRockbox revision r.1.19.}
\warn{Flashing Rockbox is optional. It is not required for using Rockbox on your
\playername. Please read the whole section thoroughly before flashing.
@@ -258,6 +260,8 @@ Using that the box can be reprogrammed via serial if the first 2000 bytes of the
flash are OK.
\subsection{Download the new flash content file to your box}
+\fixme{These links are not valid. Refer to the wikipage BootBox for further
+ instructions}
Jens Arnold hosts flash content for download. Use the following url: