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New super-useful command from Dominik - \nopt. Use this to exclude sections of text for a specific target/feature. Example of use in system options.
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Options relating to the hard disk.
+ \nopt{ondio}{
\item [Disk Spindown: ]Rockbox has a timer that makes it spin down the
hard disk after it is idle for a certain amount of time. This setting
controls the amount of time between the last user activity and the time
that the disk spins down. This idle time is only affected by user
activity, like navigating through file browser. When the hard disk spins
up to fill mp3 buffer, it automatically spins down afterwards.
+ }
\item [Disk Poweroff: ]This setting controls whether the disk is powered
off or only set to ``sleep'' when spun down. If this setting is YES,
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% new \ifpdf to check if running in pdf mode. Helps for html generation.
@@ -239,3 +240,12 @@
+% Use the nopt command to exclude a certain defined feature from a sectio
+% Example:
+% \nopt{ondio}{This text will be excluded for ondios}
+ \newcommand{\nopt}[2]{%
+ \renewcommand{\optnvalue}{0}\opt{#1}{\renewcommand{\optnvalue}{1}}%
+ \ifthenelse{\optnvalue > 0}{}{#2}
+ }