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@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ The recording hardware (the MAS) does not allow us to do this
do that. The MAS chip is programmable, but we have no access to the chip
\item Interfacing with other USB devices (like cameras) or 2 player games over USB.\\
The USB system demands that there is a master that talks to a slave. The
\dap{} can only serve as a slave, as most other USB devices such as
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Choose the recording frequency (sample rate).
{44.1~kHz, 22.05~kHz and 11.025~kHz}
- \opt{x5,vibe500,ipodnano2g}
+ \opt{iaudiom3,iaudiom5,iaudiox5,vibe500,ipodnano2g}
{88.2~kHz, 44.1~kHz, 22.05~kHz and 11.025~kHz}
{48~kHz, 44.1~kHz, 32~kHz, 24~kHz, 22.05~kHz and 16~kHz}