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@@ -294,7 +294,6 @@ project development you can try development builds and help by reporting bugs,
feature requests and so so. But be aware that using a development build may
eat also some more time.}
\section{\label{ref:FirmwareLoading}Firmware Loading}
When your \dap\ powers on, it loads the Archos firmware in ROM, which
@@ -306,13 +305,15 @@ eat also some more time.}
-\section{\label{ref:using_rolo}Using ROLO (Rockbox loader)}
+\subsection{\label{ref:using_rolo}Using ROLO (Rockbox loader)}
Rockbox is able to load and start another firmware file without rebooting.
-You just press PLAY on an%
--file. This can be used to test new firmware versions without deleting your
+You just ``play'' a file with the extension %
+\opt{recorder,recorderv2fm,ondio}{\fname{.ajz}.} %
+\opt{player}{\fname{.mod}.} %
+\opt{iriver}{\fname{.iriver}.} %
+\opt{ipod}{\fname{.ipod}.} %
+\opt{iaudio}{\fname{.iaudio}.} %
+This can be used to test new firmware versions without deleting your
current version.