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Add explanation on how to invoke the vbrfix plugin (FS#10530 by David Kauffmann).
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@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ MP3 file and updates/creates the Xing VBR header. The Xing header
contains information about the VBR stream used to calculate average bit
rate, time information and to more accurately fwd/rew in the stream.
This function is especially useful when the playback of a file skips,
-fwd/rew does not work correctly or the time display is incorrect.
+fwd/rew does not work correctly or the time display is incorrect.
+To use this plugin, open the \setting{Context Menu} (see \reference{ref:Contextmenu})
+upon a \fname{.mp3} file and select \setting{Open With... $\rightarrow$ vbrfix}.
\note{VBRfix can only run when music is
turned off (since it uses the same memory as the player) and can take a