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Add installation instructions for the sansa.
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@@ -193,6 +193,10 @@ project development, you can try development builds and help by reporting
bugs. Just be aware that these are development builds that are highly
functional, but not perfect!
+\opt{sansa}{\warn{The following steps require you to change the setting in
+ \setting{Settings $\rightarrow$ USB Mode} to \setting{MSC} from within the
+ original firmware. Never extract files to your \dap{} while it is in
+ recovery mode.}}
After downloading the Rockbox package connect your \dap{} to the computer via
USB as described in the manual that came with your \dap{}. Take the file that
you downloaded above, and extract its contents to your \daps{} drive.
@@ -220,6 +224,7 @@ directory structure that Rockbox needs.
+ \opt{sansa}{\input{getting_started/sansa_install.tex}}
\section{Enabling Speech Support (optional)}\label{sec:enabling_speech_support}
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+% $Id:$ %
+\fixme{This information is new and might contain errors. Please
+ \emph{always} check out the installation page in the wiki at
+ \wikilink{SansaE200Install} and the troubleshooting page at
+ \wikilink{SansaE200TroubleShooting} first. If you have any doubts
+ about installation, \emph{stop now!} Errors during the installation might
+ render your player useless!}
+The installation of the bootloader is the most critical part of the
+installation. Please make sure to read the instructions completely
+first before doing any installation step. You \emph{need} to
+prepare your \dap{} for dual boot as explained below as you
+otherwise \emph{will not} have USB access to your player.
+\item Save a copy of your original firmware onto your computer's hard drive.
+ You can obtain a firmware file from \url{},
+ another way to obtain the file is to intercept the file during the firmware
+ upgrade.
+\item Install a version of the mi4code program on your system.
+ You can get a windows binary from
+ \url{}.
+\item Decrypt the mi4 firmware file with the following command
+ \begin{code}
+ mi4code decrypt -s SKU_E-PP5022.mi4 OF.bin
+ \end{code}
+\item Copy the decrypted original firmware file \fname{OF.bin} to the
+ \fname{/SYSTEM} folder on your \dap{}. (This folder might be hidden).
+\item Download the Rockbox bootloader from
+ \url{}.
+\item Copy the bootloader you just downloaded to the root directory
+ of your \dap{}.
+\item Safely remove your \dap{} from the computer and then disconnect the
+ USB cable. This will reboot the \dap{}, then it will install the Rockbox
+ bootloader and reboot again into Rockbox.