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One-Time Password client (HOTP and TOTP)
* Implements RFC 4226 (HOTP) and RFC 6238 (TOTP) * Adds sha1.c to apps/plugins/lib (orignally tools/hmac-sha1.c) * See manual entry for more information Change-Id: Ia4a4031b29f97361b541e71438aa7f3ea82212f2
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Time related menu options. Pressing \ActionStdContext{} will voice the current time
if voice support is enabled.
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+\subsection{One-Time Password Client}
+This plugin provides the ability to generate one-time passwords (OTPs)
+for authentication purposes. It implements an HMAC-based One-Time
+Password Algorithm (RFC 4226), and on targets which support it, a
+Time-based One-Time Password Algorithm (RFC 6238).
+\subsubsection{Adding Accounts}
+The plugin supports two methods of adding accounts: URI import, and
+manual entry.
+\opt{rtc}{ It is important to note that for TOTP (time-based) accounts
+ to work properly, the clock on your device MUST be accurate to no
+ less than 30 seconds from the time on the authentication server, and
+ the correct time zone must be configured in the plugin. See
+ \reference{ref:Timeanddateactual} for more information. }
+\subsubsection{URI Import}
+This method of adding an account reads a list of URIs from a file. It
+expects each URI to be on a line by itself in the following format:
+otpauth://[hotp OR totp]/[account name]?secret=[Base32 secret][&counter=X][&period=X][&digits=X]
+An example is shown below, provisioning a TOTP key for an account called ``bob'':
+Any other URI options are not supported and will be ignored.
+Most services will provide a scannable QR code that encodes a OTP
+URI. In order to use those, first scan the QR code separately and save
+the URI to a file on your device. If necessary, rewrite the URI so it
+is in the format shown above. For example, GitHub's URI has a slash
+after the provider. In order for this URI to be properly parsed, you
+must rewrite the account name so that it does not contain a slash.
+\subsubsection{Manual Import}
+If direct URI import is not possible, the plugin supports the manual
+entry of data associated with an account. After you select the
+``Manual Entry'' option, it will prompt you for an account name. You
+may type anything you wish, but it should be memorable. It will then
+prompt you for the Base32-encoded secret. Most services will provide
+this to you directly, but some may only provide you with a QR code. In
+these cases, you must scan the QR code separately, and then enter the
+string following the ``secret='' parameter on your Rockbox device
+On devices with a real-time clock, \opt{rtc}{like yours,} the plugin
+will ask whether the account is a time-based account
+(TOTP). \opt{rtc}{If you answer ``yes'' to this question, it will ask
+ for further information regarding the account. Usually it is safe to
+ accept the defaults here. } However, if your device lacks a
+real-time clock, the plugin's functionality will be restricted to
+HMAC-based (HOTP) accounts only. If this is the case, the plugin will
+prompt you for information regarding the HOTP setup.
+\opt{rtc} {
+ \subsection{Advanced Settings}
+ \subsubsection{Time Zone Configuration}
+ In order for TOTP accounts to work properly, the plugin must be able
+ to determine the current UTC time. This means that, first, your
+ device's clock must be synchronized with UTC time, and second, that
+ the plugin knows what time zone the clock is using. The plugin will
+ prompt you on its first run for this piece of information. However,
+ should this setting need changing at a later time, possibly due to
+ Daylight Saving Time adjustment, it is located under the
+ ``Advanced'' submenu. NOTE: in the UI simulator, use the ``UTC''
+ setting no matter what the clock may read. }