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@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ file, save it as a \fname{.wps} file. Example: Instead of \fname{Rockbox.txt},
save the file as \fname{Rockbox.wps}. To make sure non english characters
display correctly in your WPS you must save the .wps file with UTF-8 character
encoding. This can be done in most editors, for example Notepad in Windows 2000
-or XP (but not in 9x/ME) can do this. See appendix \ref{ref:wps_tags} for all
+or XP (but not in 9x/ME) can do this. See appendix \reference{ref:wps_tags} for all
the tags that are available.
@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ that the filename must end in \fname{.cfg}
Hint: Use the \setting{Write .cfg file} feature (\setting{Main Menu$\rightarrow$
General Settings}) to save the current settings, then use a text editor to
-customize the settings file. See appendix \ref{ref:config_file_options}
+customize the settings file. See appendix \reference{ref:config_file_options}
for the full reference of available options.
\subsection{Format Rules}