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.sbs is base skin, not custom statusbar
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There are various different aspects of the Rockbox interface
that can be themed -- the WPS or \setting{While Playing Screen}, the FMS or
\setting{FM Screen} (if the \dap{} has a tuner), and the SBS or
- \setting{custom status bar}. The WPS is the name used to
+ \setting{Base Skin}. The WPS is the name used to
describe the information displayed on the \daps{} screen whilst an audio
track is being played, the FMS is the screen shown while listening to the
- radio, and the SBS lets you specify a custom status bar that is shown in the
+ radio, and the SBS lets you specify a base skin that is shown in the
menus and browsers, as well as the WPS and FMS. The SBS also allows you to
control certain aspects of the appearance of the menus/browsers.
There are a number of themes included in Rockbox, and