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New feature for the %xd() (display a preloaded image) skin tag.
It can now automatically load the correct subimage from a strip (assuming the strip is in the correct order) by giving a tag for the 2nd param. example: %xd(F, %mp) which is equivilant to %?mp<%xd(Fa)|%xd(Fb)|%xd(Fc)|%xd(Fd)|%xd(Fe)> You can also set the subimage offset.. i.e %xd(E, %mm, -1) which means "show nothing for the first value of %mm and use the bitmap strip for the remaining values" if a tag+offset is <0 or greater than the number of subimages in a strip he image is cleared (I'm open to changing this if someone has a better idea) cabbiev2.176x220x16.wps is an example of how to use this git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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@@ -320,10 +320,15 @@ Examples:
\config{y}: y coordinate\newline
\config{nimages}: (optional) number of sub-images (tiled vertically, of the same height)
contained in the bitmap. Default is 1.\\
- \config{\%xd(n[i])} & Display a preloaded image.
+ \config{\%xd(n[i] [,tag] [,offset])} & Display a preloaded image.
\config{n}: image ID (a-z and A-Z) as it was specified in \config{\%x} or \config{\%xl}\newline
- \config{i}: (optional) number of the sub-image to display (a-z for 1-26 and A-Z for 27-52).
- By default the first (i.e. top most) sub-image will be used.\\
+ \config{i}: (optional) number of the sub-image to display (a-z for 1-26 and A-Z for 27-52).
+ (ignored when \config{tag} is used)
+ By default the first (i.e. top most) sub-image will be used.\newline
+ \config{tag}: (optional) Another tag to calculate the subimage from e.g \config{\%xd(A, \%mh)} would
+ use the first subimage when \config{\%mh} is on and the second when it is off\newline
+ \config{offset}}: (optional) Add this number to the value from the \config{tag} when
+ chosing the subimage (may be negative)\\