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Fix wrong buttons for setting AB markers.
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must first be placed into A-B repeat mode and then the start and end
points defined.\\
- \fixme{
- Hold \ButtonPower{} and press \ButtonRew{} --- Sets Start Point (A)\\
- Hold \ButtonPower{} and press \ButtonFF{} --- Sets End Point (B)\\
- Hold \ButtonPower{} and press \ButtonPlay{} --- Clear Start and End
- Points
- }
+ Hold \ButtonPower{} and press \ButtonRew{} to set the Start Point (A).
+ For setting the End Point (B) hold \ButtonPower{} and press \ButtonFF{}.
+ You can reset the markers by pressing \ButtonPower{} and \ButtonPlay{}.
+ }
+ \opt{ipod,x5}{
+ To set the Start Point (A) press \ButtonSelect{}. The following
+ press of \ButtonSelect{} will set the End Point (B), and a third
+ successive \ButtonSelect{} will reset the markers.
+ }
+ \opt{h1xx,h300}{
+ To set the Start Point (A) hold \ButtonOn{} and press \ButtonLeft{}.
+ Setting the End Point (B) is done accordingly using
+ \ButtonOn{} and \ButtonRight{}.
+ To reset the markers hold \ButtonOn{} and press \ButtonSelect{}.
- \nopt{h10,h10_5gb}{
+ \nopt{h1xx,h300,h10,h10_5gb,ipod,x5}{
Hold Play and press Left --- Sets Start Point (A)\\
Hold Play and press Right --- Sets End Point (B)\\