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+To play Sudoku you need sudoku games stored as .ss files (see links below).
+Once you have your .ss file just open it in the normal file browser to start playing.
+You can create and save your own grids under the "New" menu option.
+Press the menu button when you have finished and enter the full path
+to save to including the .ss extension (e.g. /sudoku/
+\textbf{The thing on the left (AKA the scratchpad)}\\
+When you play sudoku on paper most people like to mark numbers in
+cells that are possible candidates for the cells.
+This can be done with the column on the left. Change the number
+under the cursor to a number which might be valid and press the scratchpad
+button, the number will then be added on the left.
+The column is stored seperatly for every cell on the board.
+These are \textbf{NOT} saved when saving the game.
+ \begin{center}
+ \begin{tabular}{ll}\toprule
+ \textbf{Key} & \textbf{Action}\\\midrule
+ Direction keys & Move the cursor\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{PLAY}\opt{ondio}{MODE (increment once) / MODE+DOWN (toggle repeat)}
+ \opt{h1xx}{SELECT / PLAY}\opt{h300}{NAVI / PLAY}\opt{ipodcolor}{SELECT} & Increment number under the cursor\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{F1}\opt{ondio}{Long press on MODE}\opt{h1xx,h300}{A-B}
+ \opt{ipodcolor}{MENU} & Open Menu\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{F2}\opt{ondio}{MODE+LEFT}\opt{h1xx,h300}{RECORD}
+ \opt{ipodcolor}{SELECT+LEFT} & Add / remove number to scratchpad\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm,h1xx,h300}{STOP}\opt{ondio}{OFF}
+ \opt{ipodcolor,ipodnano}{SELECT} & Quit\\\bottomrule
+ \end{tabular}
+ \end{center}
+Some places where can you can find .ss files:
+\item Simple Sudoku (Advanced Puzzle Packs 1 and 2 located near the bottom of that page):
+\item Kjell's Sudoku generator/solver: