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Use normal apostrophes for code. Thanks to fml for pointing out (also for previoys commit).
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@@ -53,17 +53,17 @@ show the information for the next song to be played.
will show viewport `a' if album art is found, and `b' if it isn't.\\
- \config{\%Vi(`label',\dots)} &
+ \config{\%Vi('label',\dots)} &
Declare a Custom UI Viewport. The `\dots' parameters use the same logic as
the \config{\%V} tag explained above. See section \ref{ref:Viewports}.\\
- \config{\%VI(`label')} & Set the Info Viewport to use the viewport called
+ \config{\%VI('label')} & Set the Info Viewport to use the viewport called
label, as declared with the previous tag.\\
\section{Additional Fonts}
- \config{\%Fl(`id',filename)} & See section \ref{ref:multifont}.\\
+ \config{\%Fl('id',filename)} & See section \ref{ref:multifont}.\\