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xduoox3: A few manual improvements
* Fix a typo in a URL * Note how to enter the OF from the bootloader * Document how to perform a hard reset Change-Id: I96d0d64cbd251573e1c5c55657ee5c5db510d9a6
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\item Get a copy of the original \playertype{} v1.1 firmware from
- \url{httpss://} and extract the .rar file to obtain the
+ \url{} and extract the .rar file to obtain the
update image (called \fname{}).
\item Compile bspatch in rbutil/bspatch/ (run make in the dir).
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\item Put \fname{} in the root of the SD card and rename it to \fname{}.
-\item Disconnect the player from USB and let the original firmware boot.
+\item Disconnect the player from USB and let the original firmware boot. If you have already installed the rockbox bootloader you will need to engage the hold/lock switch to force booting into the original firmware.
\item Go into the 'Setting' menu, and select 'Upgrade'. The player will reboot into Rockbox
upon completion.
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@@ -570,7 +570,7 @@ To turn on and off your Rockbox enabled \dap{} use the following keys:
In the unlikely event of a software failure, a hardware reset can be
performed by inserting a paperclip gently into the Reset hole.