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Add a description of the ipod nano controls, posted by Woody Anna Dresner on the mailing list. Add a macro to indicate parts that are specially written for blind or visually impaired people.
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{\newcommand{\warn}[1]{\ifinner\else\par\noindent\fi\textbf{Warning:{} }#1}}
+% command to mark a text block as intended especially for blind people
+% Usage: \blind{text}
+ \ifinner\else\par\noindent\fi
+ \ifinner#1\else\marginpar{\raisebox{-6pt}{\Huge\ForwardToEnd}}#1\par\fi%
% make table floats use "H" (as for screenshots) as default positioning
% change defaults for floats on a page as we have a lot of small images
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+Throughout this manual, the buttons on the \dap\ are labelled according to the
+picture above.
+\subsection{The \daps{} controls}
+ \opt{h1xx}{
If you lie the \dap\ on the table with the joystick pointing towards you, and
the curved sides at the top, the you will find the following if you start from
the top-right corner and follow the side of the \dap: \ButtonOn, \ButtonOff,
@@ -19,13 +24,32 @@
optical/line out. The joystick in the middle of the \dap\ is used to navigate
menus by pressing it up/down and left/right. Pressing the joystick down is
labelled \ButtonSelect\ throughout this manual.
- \fixme{Write a section describing the \dap\ for blind users.}
+ }
+ \opt{ipodnano}{
+ The main controls on the \playername{} are a slightly indented wheel with a
+ flat round button in the center. Hold the \dap{} with these controls on the
+ top surface. There is a Hold switch at one end, and headphone and USB jacks
+ at the other; be sure the end with the switch is facing away from you.
+ The button in the middle of the wheel is called \ButtonSelect{}. You can
+ operate the wheel by pressing the top, bottom, left or right sections,
+ or by sliding your finger around it. The top is \ButtonMenu{}, the bottom is
+ \ButtonPlay{}, the left is \ButtonLeft{}, and the right is \ButtonRight{}.
+ When the manual says to \ButtonScrollFwd{}, it means to slide your finger
+ clockwise around the wheel. \ButtonScrollBack{} means to slide your finger
+ counterclockwise. Note that the wheel is sensitive, so you'll need to move
+ slowly at first and get a feel for how it works.
+ Note that when the Hold switch is pushed toward the center of the \dap{},
+ Hold is on, and none of the other controls do anything; be sure Hold is
+ off before trying to use your player.
+ }
+ \nopt{h1xx,ipodnano}{
+ \fixme{Write a section describing the \dap\ for blind users.}
+ }
-Throughout this manual, the buttons on the \dap\ are labelled according to the
-picture above. To turn on and shut down your \dap, the following keys are used:
+To turn on and shut down your \dap, the following keys are used: